Visual Assurance

Viusal assurance for your protection

Our homes contain our worldly belongings, these may be high monetary value items or items with high sentimental value. From jewellery, art and antiquities to electrical items, designer clothing and collectables,  our possessions are important, we protect them by keeping them secure and insuring them against loss.

A visual record of your items can help when making a claim on insurance and can help you identify your property when items are recovered. The last few years has seen a huge increase in the selling of items via the internet, the likes of Gumtree, eBay and facebook selling groups make it extremely easy to sell used items, and while the majority of these are indeed legitimate there are of course occasions when stolen items are passed through these sites. Photographic images may well help you prove an item is yours with a positive identification.

Visart offer a photographic service to help keep a record of your items, capturing in detail your items along with any hallmarks, serial number or any distinguishing marks that can positively identify you as the owner.  Images can be either stored online or on CD.

The identification of your own items can often be difficult, could you describe a particular item in enough detail so there no mistake that it belongs to you? often even basic details can easily be forgotten.



  • Do you know the exact make and model?
  • Do you know the serial number?
  • Does the item have any distinguishing marks?
  • Is there anything particular about the design?


Visual Assurance by recording serial numbers