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Capture One Pro - Start Image - Andy Sears

Start Image – Unprocessed

Getting the look that you want for your images can be time-consuming with large image files and required processing power often dragging software down to a crawl. This was the main reason for the switch to Capture One Pro.

Processing multiple files and exporting images is fast with Capture One Pro, there appears to be no drag on the system and very little in the way of freezes and crashes. Cataloguing is fast and relatively simple (after the initial learning curve which actually isn’t that bad).

With you images captured you set about tweaking, getting the best out of your image. The first step after importing is getting rid of any junk, a quick flick through the images and I can easily see what to keep and what to get rid of, again this is quick with no lag.

For the adjustments, you can manually adjust exposure, clarity, shadows, brightness etc as well as a mass of other delicate settings. Cropping is easy and can be to a set constrained ratios or free. Adjusting colours, the temperature etc again is with a phenomenal amount of settings, some self-explanatory and some take a bit of working out. From the colour adjustment panel, you can also switch to black and white.

You can also add layers, to process local areas of an image using selection brushes and gradients to create masks.

You also have pre-defined styles which with a single click can create the entire look of your image including black and white, retro looks, portraiture and selective colours amongst the offerings. Other Phentermine 37 5Mg Online, some free and other to purchase.

Once you have your start image, you can process your basic settings and then clone as a variant so not having to start all over again for different looks. The variants can also be viewed side by side


Capture One Pro - Multiple image selection


As can be seen above multiple image variants can be viewed side by side to see the differences between your processes, with all your available imported files and variants on the right-hand side. The final images can be seen below.

So whether you want to give an image some punch, convert it to black and white or just do some subtle colour correction, it is worth giving Capture One Pro a try with the 30 day free trial.

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Cosmos in vase - Andy Sears Garden Photography

Capture One Pro - Image Variants

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The Google Nik Collection is now available for absolutely nothing, free, gratis.

Analog Efex Pro, Sharpener Pro, Silver Efex Pro and many more have been made available as a free download, to help you create artistic stunning images.

Available for both Mac & Windows, the Google Nik collection is a great way to bring you new and old photo images back to life.

Google Nik Collection for FREE








You can download the collection here – Phentermine Purchase Canada

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Purchase Phentermine And TopiramateAxcion Phentermine OnlineBuying Phentermine Online From CanadaPhentermine 37.5 Mg Online PrescriptionBuy Phentermine Uk PriceWhere Can I Buy Phentermine 15 Mg

You can get a free copy of the clever macphun focus software for your mac, give your name and email and away you go.

The software allows you to try various blurring / focus effects, quickly and easily. Add vignetting, adjust contrast and saturation and more.

Choose your image and choose the effect you want macro, tilt shift, portrait  etc, and make your adjustments as required. You can use the software standalone or as a plugin for Photoshop etc.

Phentermine In Mexico Online


The software really is easy to use with a slick interface, I have found myself digging out some older images where pushing through Macphun focus gives them a  new lease of life with pretty good results. There are not many free offerings in life, but this is one worth having.

Have a look at focus and other offerings from Macphun and give your images a lift.

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