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Everydaykitco - DIYA recent product photography session involved shooting some largish flatlays and box arrangements for ‘The EveryDay Co’ based in Hitchin, Hertfordshire. Something a little different for me as I do relatively few flatlays.  The job entailed shooting most of the products against white, these were first processed within Capture One Pro with a selection being exported to Adobe Photoshop where some of the backgrounds had colour tints added to match the colours of the final website.

The main issue was ensuring that the products were arranged and looked fairly uniform. The range of products and texture meant lighting could be problematic, with everything from dark objects, chrome reflective surfaces and plastic reflective packaging.

For the lighting, I used several flash units, and a large softbox, but still struggled to get soft enough light. I ended up bouncing the studio flash off a white ceiling, this gave me a good widespread of light that was soft enough to cover most of the products.

The boxed pack shots also came with their own problems in that there were many products, again with many different reflective surfaces. But with some careful arrangement, blue tack and sticky dots, I got the results I wanted.


While the shoot took a little longer than I first envisaged, it was worth it and added some improvements to my lighting setups.

You can see the end results and the wonderfully practical Everyday Kits on the Everyday Kit Co website – Visit Website



Garden, Macro & product Photography

With a passion for garden and macro photography, photographer Andy Sears started building a library of botanical and macro images. Andy qualified with The Society of International Nature and Wildlife Photographers, gaining his Licentiate in 2016. Like most photographers, Andy finds himself exploring other subject matter, including fauna, food, product photography, and just about anything that catches his eye.

Based in the Hertfordshire village of Graveley between Stevenage and Hitchin, where the garden and greenhouse have been given over to home grown flowers and plants which provide the subject matter for many of Andy’s images.

There is nothing truer than the saying, "You eat with your eyes first."

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Andy Sears offers a range of photography services for small business, sole traders and creatives. Based in the village of Graveley, Nr Hitchin, Hertfordshire, I cover the areas of Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, and Cambridgeshire.

Some of the areas of photography I cover, include:

  • Garden Photography
  • Macro Photography
  • Jewellery Photography
  • Small Product Photography
  • Photography for the purpose of insurance
  • Outdoor Event Photography / Documentary / Location Photography local area, tourism, outdoor events
  • Food Photography
  • On-site Photography retail premises, cafes, restaurants, gardens etc.
  • Stock Images
  • Photo Restoration
  • Photography for Websites

Photography from Andy Sears including food, product and location photography.

All images taken are post processed using the latest software (Adobe Photoshop / Capture One Pro) to ensure optimal quality. Images can be resized for both web and print use. Image delivery is via secure direct download.

Guide pricing is shown below, however, there are many variations, distance, the time taken and of course the type of job, so please do contact me at andysears@visart.co.uk with further details of your requirements, where I will be happy to provide a bespoke quotation depending on your needs.

  • £22.00 per hour
  • £80.00 half day
  • £150.00 full day


Spilling the Beans

Facebooktwittergoogle_pluspinterestlinkedinmailEvery so often I get an image in my head which is completely random and set me off to create the image. This time it was all about baked beans spilling from a can.  This was going to be a composite image put together later in photoshop.

Set up the scene with lighting provided by a softbox each side and a further light bounced off the white ceiling above.  First was to open the can and capture the can on its own, The camera was set on a tilt so I could judge the angle I was looking for.


Next came a series of images of me attempting to keep the alignment of the can to the original above and spilling the beans out of the can. This proved quite easy and was done in one hit due the beans viscosity making them slow moving.

DSC_0060 DSC_0064 DSC_0069

Now it was the turn of Photoshop. using the new select and mask in photoshop made the jobs of slicing the various images up to what I wanted, firstly concentrating on the top of the can and matching the cut-out of the tumbling beans to the top of the can in the original image. The rest of the cut-outs and mask proved easy and soon was able to build the layers to make the finished image of spilling the beans.

Spilling the beans

Spilling the Beans

What I thought was going to be an image with much mess to clean up after proved, a quick project, and I got to eat the beans after.


Commercial & Product Photography

Product photography from visartProduct and commercial photography from visart photo. Whether exciting tech, elegant jewellery or mundane everyday items, the product should always look its best, once the image has been captured we always ensure full post processing is applied to ensure the end result shows the product at its very best.

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Andy Sears Visart
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info@visart.co.uk    07484 837353

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You can contact Andy Sears at visart using the email address above, alternatively,  you can use the contact form below.

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