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When I first started to shoot using RAW format for the photo files, the processing of the files was daunting, I could get near the results I wanted but a lot of the files were saved to archive never to see the light of day again.

As I have learnt more and become more confident in all the adjustments I can make, Exposure, White Balance, Clarity, Sharpness, Cropping and much much more. Add together RAW processing and the multitude of options in photoshop, you can soon see that that discarded files can often be saved.

Buy Phentermine Hcl 15MgThe options of converting to black and white with an adjustment layer, can change a poor colour balanced file, in a dramatic mono one. Crop and Rotate allow you to be more selective on the final view. The possibilities are endless.

Of course the final image still needs to look good and be believable, trust you instinct, most of the time it is quite obvious when the processing has overstepped the mark.

Drag out some of your older files and give it a go, after a few months learning RAW processing, you will now know how to lift them colours, make your blacks black and your whites white. Crop out the bits you do not want.

Spending  little time on some past images that you thought were not good enough, may surprise you, and will add to your learning of RAW processing.