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Everydaykitco - DIYA recent product photography session involved shooting some largish flatlays and box arrangements for ‘The EveryDay Co’ based in Hitchin, Hertfordshire. Something a little different for me as I do relatively few flatlays.  The job entailed shooting most of the products against white, these were first processed within Capture One Pro with a selection being exported to Adobe Photoshop where some of the backgrounds had colour tints added to match the colours of the final website.

The main issue was ensuring that the products were arranged and looked fairly uniform. The range of products and texture meant lighting could be problematic, with everything from dark objects, chrome reflective surfaces and plastic reflective packaging.

For the lighting, I used several flash units, and a large softbox, but still struggled to get soft enough light. I ended up bouncing the studio flash off a white ceiling, this gave me a good widespread of light that was soft enough to cover most of the products.

The boxed pack shots also came with their own problems in that there were many products, again with many different reflective surfaces. But with some careful arrangement, blue tack and sticky dots, I got the results I wanted.


While the shoot took a little longer than I first envisaged, it was worth it and added some improvements to my lighting setups.

You can see the end results and the wonderfully practical Everyday Kits on the Everyday Kit Co website – Visit Website

Hitchin, Hertfordshire


Hitchin, situated in North Hertfordshire and around 40 miles north of London. This bustling market town is thriving with niche retailers, cafes, pubs and of course the active market. The impressive St. Marys church dominates the main centre of this picturesque town.

Most images on this website are available as prints or full-size digital images – click here to enquire


Pegsdon Hills

Pegsdon Hills, The Chilterns, Bedfordshire, England

Situated between the main towns of Hitchin in Hertfordshire and Luton in Bedfordshire, the Pegsdon Hills are part of the ‘Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’ and offer an unusual landscape of steep rolling hills overlooking flatlands of Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire. Acces via the B655 between Hitchin and Barton-le-clay.



St Pauls Walden Bury


St. Paul’s Walden Bury, situated in the village of St Pauls Walden in North Hertfordshire, this stately home and garden is the said birthplace and childhood home of the late Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother. Dating back to the 18th century, St Pauls Walden Bury has been the home of the Bowes-Lyon family dating back to 1720.

The Grade 1 listed garden covers around 50 acres and was recently open as part of the  National Open Garden Scheme. Visits to the garden are generally by appointment with more information available on the St Pauls Walden Bury website.


St Pauls Walden Bury - Hertfordshire Statue and Garden   

About Andy Sears

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Andy SearsI am a photographer based in the village of Graveley, Hertfordshire situated between the towns of Hitchin, Stevenage, and Letchworth. I qualified with the Society of International Nature and Wildlife Photographers gaining my Licentiate in 2016. My photography started as a hobby many years ago with 35mm film cameras then after a few long breaks moved to Digital SLR.

While my main subject area is garden and flora photography, I photograph almost anything that catches my eye and recently I am spending more time on commercial and product photography, and also photography for car insurance companies.

Working in my home studio, I use Adobe Photoshop and Capture One Pro for all post-processing. More of my photographic, web and print work can be seen on my Adobe Behance page. Photographic prints and digital downloads are available at Pixieset.



I know it can be difficult when starting out and I know the cost nearly always plays a major factor. No matter what your budget, please drop an email to me at andysears@visart.co.uk to discuss any requirements.