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You can get a free copy of the clever macphun focus software for your mac, give your name and email and away you go.

The software allows you to try various blurring / focus effects, quickly and easily. Add vignetting, adjust contrast and saturation and more.

Choose your image and choose the effect you want macro, tilt shift, portrait  etc, and make your adjustments as required. You can use the software standalone or as a plugin for Photoshop etc.

Phentermine 37 5Mg Online


The software really is easy to use with a slick interface, I have found myself digging out some older images where pushing through Macphun focus gives them a  new lease of life with pretty good results. There are not many free offerings in life, but this is one worth having.

Have a look at focus and other offerings from Macphun and give your images a lift.

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