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Saal Visart Photobook

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After seeing Saal Digital popping up on various social media I decided to push ahead and get my first photobook printed up.

While I use Adobe InDesign for my layout work, I opted to download their own software to my mac. They also have Photoshop and Indesign plugins available.

Download and install of the software was easy and on running I was present with a clear menu of the products available through the software. I selected the standard photobook then the 28cm x 28cm photobook. The next screen presented me with all the options available, together with the pricing. the pricing wasclear and allows you to see exactly what the cost will be, and allows you to adjust to fit your own budget.

Saal Digital Software
Options are available for the cover, Glossy, Leather etc, whether the cover is padded or not, gift box and of course the number of pages in your photobook. I chose the 26 page with matte finish on the pages, and glossy cover.

Clicking the Design button took me to the all important layout, There are various template on offer, suitable for weddings, vacations, baby book etc. I opted for the blank template and the page layout options of ‘Big Columns with Outer Margin’.  The actual page layouts are quite extensive and allow for many or just a few images per spread of pages.

Saal Layout

Loading the page with photo is a simple as dragging the image from the folder layout of your files on the left into the placeholder grey boxes. It is quite surprising how many images you can get in the pages, I mages to place 60 images in the pages available.

Once finished you can produce a PDF version of your book to preview. I would have been nice to be able to have at least a screen resolution of the photobook without the “Preview’ watermark through the pages.

Ordering again was a simple process, with order place, I received an email from Saal within 24 hours to say the item had been despatched. There was also a link you could share displaying your photobook in a neat little screen layout, as above a shame you could not have a screen resolution version on PDF, but understand why this is so.

From designing my photobook and placing the order on the 1st July, I received the finished item on the 5th July from Germany to the UK, considering there is a weekend in between those dates too, it was quick, very quick.

The book arrived packaged well and on first opening I could see was a quality product. The images were reproduced well and the finish good. The paper stock used was heavy and good quality.

All in all a great product which displays my images just how I want them. Whether used as a coffee table book, or used to show clients you images, the Saal Photobook is well worth the money.

To see the photobook in full detail Cheap Phentermine Uk

You can visit Phentermine 37 5Mg Online here

Saal Visart Photobook Photobook Visart Saal Digital Photobook



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Practical Photography June 2016Slightly embarrassing this month after having an image selected for the Practical Photography feedback section. A whole A4 page devoted to me and my image.

One of my earlier photos was chosen, and even though I like the image, I could see some glaring problems with it, which were quickly pointed out to me from Ben Hawkins of  PP in the article. But always nice to see an image in print, and actually got off quite lightly.

I think the image of myself along side the text (even though tiny) was more cringing than, having an image critiqued.


So what better reason to buy the June 2016 edition of Practical Photography.