While we always strive to capture the best possible images in camera, it is not always possible to capture the exact image required. A number of factors can define what post processes are required, this could be available light, type of lighting, backgrounds that need cleaning up, dust and blemish removal and cropping for a cleaner final view are just some of the ways we process our images.

Post processing services from visart photoOver areas of post processing may be required for restoration, copying old photographs and restoring tears, creases and fading. An image may be required in black and white instead of colour again, post processing allows us to do this and get the results we want.

Using a range of software including Capture One Pro, Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom we can ensure we get the best out of the images we capture. All images are captured in RAW format, which are then processed into the final images as JPG format. The original RAW images are archived in its unprocessed state.

With software and techniques continuously being developed, it can often be the case that older images can be given a new lease of life with modern processing techniques.

Image Rescue

There are times when even the poorest image can be rescued via post processing to achieve an acceptable image. The original image on the left below has many problems with exposure and shadow detail. The post-processed image on the right, although not perfect has rescued the image. The shadow detail and brickwork are now visible, the train and sky much brighter. The power lines have been removed and the image cropped to provide a better overall image.

Post Processing - Image Rescue

Image Variations

The images below shows some of the possible variations possible, the image of the left being the original, the image in the centre has undergone a conversion to black and white, with the cloud detail made more prominent. The Image on the right has been given a vintage look with some tell tale signs removed, namely the front of a modern car on the lefthand side, the lamp post and the pub sign in the background.

Photo processing from visart photo

Creative Editing

As well as standard processing techniques, images can be edited and manipulated into a completely new unique image. Using content form more than one image and seamlessly blending them into a single image, isolating single colours are just some of the possibilities of creative editing.

Image manipulation from visart photo