Many of us have photos of family and events, these cold be stored in photo albums, in drawers, in attics. Some may not see daylight for many years, while others may become beached by direct sunlight over time.

For most of the time, treasured images are well kept and keep in good condition, but not all. Photos can easily be damaged with tears and creases, they can get stains on from spillages or ink marks from pens.  A Photo can easily become bleached out from being in sunlight leaving the image faded with hard to see detail. A treasured framed image can easily be damaged if a frame gets broken by accident.

While the majority of the time, damaged photos cannot be taken again and the captured memories may be thought lost. By using digital photo restoration techniques, old damaged and faded photos can be brought back to life with new digitally restored prints.

Visart Photo Restoration

Visart offers a photo restoration service, where your original damaged photograph is either scanned or re-photographed and then using photo restoration techniques in the latest Photoshop and Capture One Pro software your photo is restored and a new print created.

visart Photo restoration, bringing photos back to life.

Fading fixed. Stains removed, small rebuilds to certain areas of photo.


Old black and white and sepia photographs can be re-toned i.e. Black and White to Sepia or Sepia to Black and White. A lot of the time old black and white photos can be hand tinted to bring the photo to life.

On completion of the restoration, the image will be reprinted, this can be to the original size. Enlargements are often possible, this is dependant on the quality of the original image.

Restored photo and hand tinted by visart.

Poor quality original image. Fading improved, damage removal and hand tinting.


Restoration and Repair Services include:

  • Cracks, tears and creases
  • stains and spills
  • Ink marks / Writing
  • Faded photos
  • Detail improvements
  • Repairs to missing detail i.e. facial details.
  • Hand tinting / Toning
  • Enlargements / Canvas Prints


There is no fixed pricing for photo restoration as this depends on the amount of worked required. A simple fix of a postcard size photo starts from £7.50. To obtain a quotation for photo restoration, you can either scan and take a photo of the original and email to

If you decide to accept the quotation, you can send us the original and on completion of the restoration we will send you a digital proof, if you are happy, we will invoice and on receipt of payment will send you your restored reprint.