Turn your images into Wall Art


Like many photographers, a lot of the images I take never see the light of day, archived onto hard disks they stay there. Occasionally browsed on a monitor, but not really appreciated.

Some of the images do get printed at home but again most of these get filed away, with the odd one here and there making it to a frame and on the wall. An A4 framed printed does look good mounted and framed, but not really impressive. That A4 photo print looks oh so small once viewed from any sort of distance.

To give an image the wow factor, finishing needs to be just right, and size becomes important. When looking around for a company to turn my image into wall art I came across ZOR.com, an online company supply your image as wall art in various formats and sizes.

Your images as Wall Art from ZOR.com


ZORs offerings include direct print on aluminium with their Aluminium – Dibond (Zor-Alu), photo on acrylic glass (Zor-Glass) and forex photo prints on lightweight Forex PVC (Zor-Ex).  They offer a wealth of standard sizes and also custom printing right up to 100cm x 100cm. Now believe me a 1m square Forex panel

Pricing from ZOR is competitive for example a 60 x 40cm Aluminium/Dibond at €15.99 or 90 x 60cm Forex/PVC at just €25.99. Going larger with a 100cm x 100cm Forex/PVC works out at just €60.00

Regardless of whether you choose the Zor-Alu, Zor-Glass or Zor-Ex, you can be sure of rich colours and perfect photo prints, and by using the downloadable Zor ICC colour profile you can be sure of accurate colour matching. The end result is a piece of wall art that will impress for years to come with its modern look.

Multiple formats can create stunning visual art.


Hanging multiple pieces together in different sizes and orientation can change a large blank wall into a feature and you images are seen rather than hidden away.

My own preference is for the forex photo prints, both lightweight, durable, modern and a cost effective way to display large prints with no need for mounts and frames.

Large prints from ZOR.com, give a large wall that special feature.


The online ordering is quick and easy, select your preferred product, upload your image, select your size (and visually crop if needed), check preview and add to basket. You can even order Command™ Picture Hanging Strips at the same time for easy picture hanging that does not involve picture hooks and nails.

ZOR.com offers high-quality prints, quick delivery, but the major plus is the price which compared to others offering similar products is extremely competitive.

The only problem I have now is which photos to select for printing.


Click here to print your photos with ZOR.com