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The LG 24MB35PH in portrait modeIt has to be said that recently I had been struggling with the monitor I was using, but then again it an 8 year old Dell monitor. It had served me well and to be honest for most day to day applications it would be fine.

When producing some product images on a white background, I had problems with getting the white actually white, the images looked ok on the monitor but on other machine there were obvious problems and editing blemishes were showing up.

I also had problems with colours, greys always looking a bit pinkish and whites more cream. I had tried calibrating but could never get it quite right. It was time for a new monitor.

I was not going to spend hundreds and after reading many reviews it was noted I should go for an IPS (in-place switching) monitor, which is said to give a wider viewing angle and much better colour reproduction. The fun began on the search for such a monitor, locally it was Currys and Argos, this proved fruitless, with ‘out of stock’ messages or the items were either on the cheap side or too expensive. So it was back to Amazon, where a much broader range of Buy Adipex 37.5 Online was available.

The LG 24MB35PH IPS MonitorI decided on the Buy 15 Mg Phentermine, I could get this next day ( I am impatient) and also a good price at £134.99, it is not the prettiest of monitors, looking a bit more clunky than other offerings, but the spec looked good.

The LG monitor arrived next day, upacked, plugged-in and whoa, the difference in the clarity and colour straight out of the box was unbelievable, the white was actually white and the difference was so much so that it made the old monitor look 10 times worse than I thought it was. I was maybe going to use the old monitor as a second monitor giving me a bit more workspace, but now I think it is time to retire it.

The 2 inches of extra screen size do make a real difference as does the ability to adjust the height of the monitor into a much better position. So it looks like my eyes will also greatly benefit from the £135 upgrade. For those that may need it the LG monitor can also be rotated into a portrait orientation, which I guess is great if you are working on portrait page layouts.

I have only used the monitor for a couple of hours but already can feel a much improved working environment and hopefully an improvement in my final images, and at the price I have to say is one of the best buys I have made in a considerable time.

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After using speedlights for small studio lighting, I was soon reaching the limitations of the amount of light and also the quality of light. Recently I invested in an Elinchrom lighting systems opting for the twin Buying Phentermine In Canada. Out of the boxes (and bags) the kit proved easy to setup and get going. The built in Skyport remote system again was easy to set what I wanted and worked with no problems.

The two most notable differences from using speedlights I found were:

  1. The power of these units proved to be quite extensive and I found myself using them at first on the lowest power.
  2. The quality of light from the Elinchroms and softboxes was far better than I could achieve with speedlights.

After a few tests I decided to just use a single light in the restricted space i was in to test further, with white card to bounce some light back in. The setup I used is shown below, with me working in a space of around 8ft by 8ft including camera and tripod.

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Not the prettiest of setups but enough for me to fire off a few shots in the short time I had. The first shot (see below) was taken close in with a Can I Buy Phentermine In The Uk lens attached. The reflection on the cup could have been handled better, but this was just a test exercise, and was quite please with the overall single light setup.

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With the next couple of shots I was playing around with the depth of field, and have to say, it was good to have enough light to use whatever aperture I wanted at ISO100.


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After considering the Elinchrom D-Lite One/One kit, I felt the power of these units would prove restrictive in a short time, so opted for the 400W kits to give me plenty of light to play with in the future.


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Outgrowing my Buy Phentermine Forum 2012, it was time to look out for another DSLR camera. Price was obviously an important factor.

I first looked at the Buy Phentermine Tab 37.5Mg with its touchscreen, spec and feature array was good, but then I see the D5300, an older model maybe, but near identical specification apart from the D5300 being slightly bigger, and having a little less battery life between charges. Both have the same 24.2mp, Expeed 4 Sensor, Built in wifi and 39point Autofocus.

Real Phentermine 37.5 Mg OnlineThe most obvious difference the D5300 does not have the touchscreen, but does have built in GPS which the newer D5500 does not.

I could live without the touchscreen, just seemed to be something I would never use. The most critical thing that swung it for me was the price, significantly lower than the Nikon D5500.

So the Nikon D5300 won and the order was placed with Jessops.

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strawb-sugar-setupYou can try out high speed photography without sophisticated / expensive flashguns and lens.

A little bit of trial and error, will not only get you some results, will also get you using more of your camera settings. It is also a great way to get some photography in during the dark winter months.

The strawberry and sugar setup as you can see it basic. On camera flash, 18 – 55mm kit lens and a few bits and bobs. The hardest part was securing the strawberry in place.

Focusing was done view live view on the cameras screen, getting as much of the strawberry in focus that I could.

DSC_0503The simple black card background worked ok, although the on-camera flash did cause some light to fall on it, which was removed in photoshop using the levels.

The result on the right while not stunning provided an acceptable image for a first attempt at high speed photography.


DSC_0129A similar setup was used for some water drop photography, the attempts to catch the right drop proved a bit hit and miss, but decent results were obtained in the end. I purchased a cheap £25 flash from Amazon, not TTL but does allow me to set the flash power right down low to get a faster flash, supposedly 20,000th sec, but who’s counting. The addition of another Amazon bargain, a £10, radio flash trigger, allowed the flash to be moved off camera.

Using off-camera flash, allowed better control of lighting, allowing me to bounce the flash of the white card background as in the water drop picture here.

Another gadget I have picked up recently is the Buy Phentermine 4Udevice, again a low cost gizmo coming in at around £30, connecting this to my iPhone gives me all sorts of trigger options to play with, motion, sound and more.

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Phentermine Paypal BuyIt is easy to select auto or guide mode on your camera and fire away, without a care of the settings being used. A good deal of the time acceptable images will be achieved. While acceptable, they could possibly be better.

In the old days of film, more care had to be taken when taking photos, the film itself and developing meant added cost to taking photographs and of course the limitations on how many exposures you could reel off.

With digital you have the ability for trial and error, trying different ISO (film speeds), shutter speeds and apertures, you also have the ability to correct these in post processing tweaking a poor exposed image into an acceptable one.

Taking time to learn about the exposure triangle will see your photography benefit with sharper, better focused and exposed images. They may still need tweaking, but  generally this will be less and the final image being that much better quality.

Rather than go through the in’s and out’s of the Phentermine Online Buy here, take a look through Cheap Phentermine 37.5 Tablets for the many many articles on the subject and open up your photography and the knowledge of your Digital SLR.

The three key areas:

  • Shutter Speed – How long light is allowed to pass through to the cameras sensor. 
  • Aperture – The size of the opening which light can pass through to the cameras sensor.
  • ISO – Film Speed – How sensitive the sensor is set, to enable enough light to capture the image.

All the above three items affect the exposure of your image, how much subject is in focus (Depth of Field), whether a moving object is blurred or frozen, and the overall quality and detail of the image.