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Garden Photography


With a passion for garden and macro photography, photographer Andy Sears based in the rural village of Graveley near Hitchin Hertfordshire, started building a library of botanical and macro images. HIs garden and greenhouse have been given over to home grown flowers and plants which provide the subject matter for many of the Andy’s images.While concentrating on flora and fauna, Andy often diversifies into other areas product, landscape and other subject matter the he believes will make a good image.

With a growing interest in his photography and with sales through various stock libraries, Andy decided to expand this website with a range of prints, greeting cards and files available to purchase as prints and digital download.
Img.474 - Fuchsia  (c)Andy Sears
Img.474 - Fuchsia
Img.473 - HUnstanton Sunset  (c)Andy Sears
Img.473 - HUnstanton Sunset
Img.472 - Fishermans Catch  (c)Andy Sears
Img.472 - Fishermans Catch
Img.471 - Azure Blue Damselfly  (c)Andy Sears
Img.471 - Azure Blue Damselfly
Img.470 - Coreopsis Buds  (c)Andy Sears
Img.470 - Coreopsis Buds
Img.469 - Large Skipper Butterfly  (c)Andy Sears
Img.469 - Large Skipper Butterfly
Img.468 - Pink  (c)Andy Sears
Img.468 - Pink
Img.467 - Hoverfly on Daisies  (c)Andy Sears
Img.467 - Hoverfly on Daisies
Img.466 - Musk Mallow  (c)Andy Sears
Img.466 - Musk Mallow
Img.465 - Bee on Lavender  (c)Andy Sears
Img.465 - Bee on Lavender